, So I'm watching the Bad Girls Club
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So I’m watching the Bad Girls Club

The Dani and Gabi interview.

They keep sayin 5 vs. 1. Nooo, Amy wasn’t in it AT ALL. It was 4 vs. 2. And if you really want to look at it, theres two girls for each of them. Two vs. One. Doesn’t that sound familiar?  Because it was two vs one in every fight they been in in the house.

Even if it was “5 vs 1” how are you going to say shit when there was 6 vs. 1 on Elease?

They keep sayin “when I see you…Its on and poppin”. Nooo, when you see them you’re going to sit there scared shitless like you did when everyone was out for you.

I can keep going but I’m going to stop.. These bitches are so wack.. 

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